Pit Bull RC 1.9″ A/T Hardcore Scale R/C PBX Tires Alien Kompound with Foam (2)

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The PBX A/T Hardcore Scale 1.9’s are miniaturized versions of Pit Bull’s new 1:1 All Terrains which are dominating the market! A design that has traction like a Mud Terrain, but handles on road like an All Season. Winter Performance rated. Six Ribs, 5 water channels…and tons of siping. A seriously innovative tire now available in 1.9 RC.

Our Alien Kompound is the ShizzNit. We’ve been dominating competitions across the Globe with these tires.

No one can believe how much traction these bad boys have.

Sporty Style Lettering on the sidewalls.

Fits 1.9″ Wheels
Outer Diameter: 4.05in / 102.87mm
Width: 1.25in / 31.75mm
Inner Diameter: 1.9in / 48.2mm

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