Welcome to Team KNK Hardware!! Supplying RC lovers worldwide as "Your Hardware Source". We are a small family owned company located in Southwestern Ohio. Messing with RC since 1986 we took our passion for the hobby and turned it into a business.

Are you looking for the best hardware, packaged to make your build easier?  You are at the right place! Every one of our bulk bags or vehicle specific kits is assembled with each size in a separate bag and tag to save you time.  This will save you time and energy while helping to prevent the headache of searching for the correct size.

Providing fellow RC enthusiast with quality hardware. We buy in bulk which allows us to bring the savings to the end user. Most of our hardware is A2 or 18-8 QUALITY Stainless Steel or Black Oxide. We currently stock a full line of 2mm and 3mm hardware, also 2-56, 4-40, 5-40, 6-32 & 8-32. These include nylon locknuts, flange nuts, hex nuts, flat head screws, button head screws, and cap head screws, aluminum spacers and servo screws. We have recently added 2.5mm, 4mm and other products. This will be changing as we grow. If you need something specific don't hesitate to ask. We will do our best to try and help you out. We currently offer kits for the Axial SCX10, the Axial Wraith, the RC4WD Trail Finder 2, Ascender and have a Traxxas Basher bag which will do one of 4 different RCs. And many, many more vehicle specific kits. We offer 700 piece ProPaks in either button, cap or flat head screws, Monster Bags, which are a 700 piece assortment pack with 17 different packs of hardware included, Standard 250 piece bulk packs of 2-56 Cap or Button and 400 piece bulk bags of 4-40 Cap or Button and 6-32 Cap, as well as 3mm & 4mm serrated flange nuts and various sizes of set screws as well as any item from the kits offered in packs of 25. And don't forget our 1500 piece Mega Bag!! We will build what you need....just contact us!

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Fun as a Family

This is what it is all about!

Both Kirby brothers, Cody & Gavin, have been messing with RC since they could hold a radio.  They spend a lot of time hanging out in the RC shop tearing something apart.  Father, Mike has been actively in the hobby since 1986.  Amberly and Sierra, the youngest female Recon G6er both enjoy crawling with the boys...